I feel more at ease, more energized


I decided to try acupuncture because I have a liver condition that was worsening and because of high blood pressure. Since starting treatment, my liver numbers have improved and my high blood pressure has come down. I don’t know if acupuncture was totally responsible because I have made other changes at the same time. I believe it has contributed to my improvement. I do know that acupuncture has significantly improved the quality of my life. Since beginning treatment, I just feel better. I feel more at ease, more energized, warmer toward the world. I know that sounds esoteric but its a wonderful experience. I have recommended Cindy to my friends and family because I think its well worth doing.

Kathryn H

Incredible results


For years I have suffered from a lower back injury and migraine headaches with little to no relief from over the counter and prescription medications. Feeling frustrated and out of “traditional” avenues to find answers, I turned to acupuncture. I have been seeing Cindy Conlin as my acupuncturist for nearly a year now with incredible results. My back pain is nonexistent at this point. I have regained my mobility and lowered my everyday stress solely through the improvements in this area. My headaches are significantly reduced as well. To my delight, Cindy has kept exploring connections with other symptoms that have cropped up over time. This has allowed me to understand my body in a whole new way. I’m learning to listen to what my body is telling me and with Cindy’s help I am gaining my health back! I would be so thrilled to recommend Cindy’s services to anyone who might be dealing with chronic pain or those seeking to find balance in their body and spirit. Cindy is professional, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, comforting and thoughtful. I’m thrilled to be a patient at Nature’s Touch Healing Center.

Andrea S., Fairview, Oregon

The relief I experienced was amazing


I am hoping to encourage others to give acupuncture a try. I had never really thought about it as a treatment for pain and fatigue or for anxiety. Really, I imagined it to be a somewhat “out there” form of treatment. Imagine my surprise when it actually worked! The relief I experienced was amazing. A surgeon told me that I have a ruptured disc in my neck and nerve damage and that the only solution would be surgery. I definitely wanted to avoid surgery. My hairdresser had mentioned that Cindy was phenomenal at helping people. So I decided I had nothing to lose and was pleasantly surprised after one treatment that most of my neck pain was gone. It had been with me for 3 months. Physical therapy had not helped at all. It took three or so more treatments and the pain and weakness in my arm were totally gone. I continue to see Cindy weekly to maintain this pain free zone and also she has helped me to feel less anxiety in every day life. Cindy is always a welcome friendly face, eager to hear how I am doing and to help with any new issues. She is very thorough, professional and kind. She has become a dear friend who I cannot wait to visit weekly! I hope others give acupuncture with Cindy a try so they can benefit from her treatments as well.

Thanks Cindy!!!

Toni W.

I am completely satisfied


When I came to Nature’s Touch Healing Center, I was experiencing lower back pain, due to a pinched nerve. On the advice of my neurosurgeon, pre and post-op acupuncture was recommended. I am completely satisfied with my experience and feel very comfortable referring friends and family members to Nature’s Touch Healing Center .

Michael G., Gresham, Oregon